Intelligent Systems competency available for Microsoft Partner Network




Intelligent Systems competency available for Microsoft Partner Network

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Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

Last year, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013, we announced plans to help partners capitalize on the rapidly expanding opportunity presented by intelligent systems. This plan included the transition of program administration for the Windows Embedded Partner Program ecosystem into the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), offering our partners more program options and greater partner benefits. We are excited to follow through on that commitment, as Windows Embedded and MPN’s combined efforts culminate in the launch of the new Intelligent Systems competency.

Intelligent systems are the enterprise implementations of the Internet of Things — the way businesses reap real value from this rapidly growing set of technologies. Many of the industry’s leading analysts — including those at Gartner and IDC — included the Internet of Things business opportunity in their predictions for industries that have top growth projections for 2014. Along with our partner ecosystem, Microsoft is addressing the opportunity by continuing to focus on the development of end-to-end intelligent systems, which harness the flow of data across industry devices and back-end systems.

The new Intelligent Systems competency provides partners with the full backing of one of the strongest partner programs in the industry when it comes to providing quantifiable benefits — and our enterprise customers benefit, too. When an enterprise reaches out to a qualified Intelligent Systems competency partner, they know they are accessing a partner that has the experience, the skills and the backing of Microsoft to assist them in meeting their business needs. We are committed to ensuring that the readiness and support we provide our competency partners creates a channel well-suited to assist our customers in realizing the opportunity represented by the Internet of Things.

The Intelligent Systems competency is designed for solution providers and ISVs that have demonstrated expertise in developing or implementing intelligent systems. Our campaigns will continue to focus on the industry solutions our partners provide, across retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and public sector as part of the CityNext initiative. As with all Microsoft competencies, the benefits of attaining the Intelligent Systems competency are substantial — including marketing resources, product training and sales support — and will enable partners to develop and market their intelligent systems business practice.

“As part of this week’s MPN updates, we are very excited to announce the launch of the Intelligent Systems competency,” says Julie Bennani, general manager, Microsoft Partner Network. “This is an incredibly strategic business area for Microsoft moving ahead and represents a plethora of business opportunities around devices and BI\analytics for our partners, playing to the strengths only Microsoft has.”

With so much opportunity in this budding industry, application developers, solution providers, OEMs and device partners, and transactional partners are encouraged to explore how they can build a new practice or extend their existing business practice to the world of intelligent systems. Read more about intelligent systems here.

Partners interested in finding out about the detailed benefits and requirements for earning a Silver or Gold Intelligent Systems competency can refer to the Intelligent Systems competency page in MPN. We will be at the Worldwide Partner Conference again this year, taking place in Washington, D.C., July 13–17, and partners can expect to hear more from us then about the potential profitability they may achieve by investing in an intelligent systems practice now.

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