The Internet of Things starts with your things




The Internet of Things starts with your things

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Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

When trillions of things can be connected, which ones should you connect?

That’s what business leaders might wonder at a time when the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the next new … well … thing for companies around the world. While IoT may promise vast opportunities, it can also seem overwhelming, complicated and expensive to decision-makers at enterprises.

To help provide clarity, Microsoft is sharing its point of view through the Internet of Your Things — a fresh look at IoT that focuses on how companies can use the approach to gain new insights, optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, and understand and predict customer and partner behaviors in ways they never thought possible.

Microsoft’s point of view is a simple one: The Internet of Things is not some futuristic technology trend. It’s here already in today’s powerful devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure and business intelligence tools. The true value lies in the data — simply put, when those “things” are connected, they produce large amounts of information that companies can put to use.

Through our commitment to the embedded market and intelligent systems, Microsoft has been working for years to help companies tap into data in new ways by connecting their existing IT assets into unique solutions. In fact, intelligent systems based on Microsoft technologies are in such high demand that Microsoft recently released a new partner competency to help the industry understand how to build and optimize them for customers.

Most companies can leverage existing technology assets to reap surprising results from IoT right away — Microsoft’s Windows platform already powers everything from specialized industry devices to PCs, phones and servers. The Microsoft Azure cloud service offers massive processing capabilities that can be tied into data storage and analytics tools in Microsoft SQL Server, Azure HD Insight and Power BI for Office 365.

The key is to start with the things that matter most to your business. Instead of thinking about IoT as billions of connected devices and sensors all over the planet, companies should start with one key business process, department or even product line. It’s not the Internet of Everything — it’s really the Internet of Your Things.

Often, a company’s existing device portfolio can be tied right into an intelligent system. Or by simply adding some new devices, the lights come on, giving existing business processes a surprising new intelligence. Because the components are already there at many companies, building an intelligent system may be more of an IT strategy discussion than a huge new investment, and industry leaders don’t have to wait for next year’s budget cycle.

If you’ve been following our blog over the past several years, you’ve probably seen a lot of amazing stories about what customers around the world are doing with intelligent systems. Companies such as Great River Health Systems, Royal Caribbean and Lido Stone Works have already used IoT concepts to transform their businesses.

Want to find out more? Take a look at It’s time to stop just running your business and start making it thrive.

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