Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service limited public preview now available




Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service limited public preview now available

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Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing

I recently discussed the Internet of Your Things, Microsoft’s point of view on the Internet of Things (IoT) — essentially the opportunity for businesses to connect data from devices and sensors with the cloud and business intelligence tools to gain new insights, optimize processes, identify new revenue opportunities and more.

But, the Internet of Your Things represents more than a point of view for Microsoft. Today during Microsoft’s Accelerate Your Insights event we’re releasing the limited public preview of the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service, which reflects a significant step as we continue our commitment to help businesses realize the potential of IoT.

I’m joined at the event by leaders across Microsoft to discuss how enterprises can maximize their use of data and analytics to transform their business. This includes spotlighting how Microsoft’s data platform, with the Intelligent Systems Service, is helping maximize the value of data with tools that extract key insights, combine data sources together and then quickly disseminate insights to more people — all increasing an organization’s return on data, or what we’re calling its “data dividend.”

Businesses today are facing a convergence of data from diverse sources, perhaps none as great as the potential provided by IoT — IDC recently predicted the number of “connected things” will reach 212 billion by the end of 2020. As exciting as that may be, connecting these “things” within the IoT universe and harnessing the data can be a complex process for most organizations dealing with heterogeneous operating system environments, varying connectivity protocols and legacy application compatibility. Further, connectivity aside, there’s also then the obvious challenge of being able to draw meaningful insights from the volume of data unleashed by IoT.

The Intelligent Systems Service marks a critical expansion of the comprehensive Microsoft cloud-first data platform aimed at addressing these challenges facing enterprises. Built on Azure, the service makes it easier for enterprises to securely connect, manage and capture machine-generated data from line-of-business assets, such as industry devices, sensors and other systems regardless of OS platform.

Enterprises using the Intelligent Systems Service to extend the Azure cloud across connected devices and sensors can capture vital data, analyze it with familiar Microsoft tools such as HDInsight and Power BI for Office 365, and then quickly take the appropriate action that drives impact. Underlying all of these capabilities is enterprise-grade security developed and supported by Microsoft.

For example, we’re working with telent and CGI to help the London Underground modernize the systems that securely monitor, manage and automate its things, everything from escalators, lifts and HVAC controls to closed-circuit video and communication systems. Data from sensors and intelligent edge devices — to closely monitor temperature, vibration, humidity, fault warnings and system alerts — are all available in one central location to provide access to needed information on mobile apps, via a Web browser or through text alerts.

In the video above Steve Pears, managing director of rail for telent, discusses how telent is transforming its business with new services for the London Underground not previously possible, such as automating manual processes, spotting equipment issues in real time before they cause service disruptions and tracking equipment performance to support infrastructure planning.

Our work with telent, CGI and the London Underground is only one example of the tremendous potential we see for the Intelligent Systems Service in transportation, utilities and other “smart city” scenarios. I’m also equally excited by opportunities in manufacturing, health, retail and other industries; we’re actively working with partners such as Cognizant and Infosys to realize those opportunities.

  • Manufacturing. Realign the value chain; engineer better products; harness real-time global forecasting of capacity, supply and demand; and extend business beyond products to end-to-end solutions and services
  • Health. Assess, analyze and treat patients more effectively, wherever they are; improve patient-care processes; secure and share patient information; and reduce the cost of patient care
  • Retail. Track shelf inventory in real time; gain valuable real-time insights into customer behavior; centrally monitor and manage store operations; deliver more personalized services to customers

From the Windows platform powering a world of devices to the Intelligent Systems Service drawing valuable data from both Windows and heterogeneous endpoints and the Microsoft data platform driving analytics and insight, enterprises have the opportunity to implement tangible business impact without requiring new infrastructure investments. And because the Intelligent Systems Service is delivered as a service, it provides a finished solution that companies can use “out of the box” to take advantage of IoT and start generating actionable insights from the data generated by any devices in their companies.

Partners will be able to use their industry expertise, along with the capabilities of the Intelligent Systems Service, to build solutions and offer services that provide their customers with additional insight and perspective.

Please visit this page to request participation in the limited public preview.

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