Making the Internet of Things accessible with Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service




Making the Internet of Things accessible with Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service

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Posted By Nayana Singh
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service. I’m excited and proud about the promise this service offers businesses investing in the Internet of Things (IoT). As a member of the Intelligent Systems Service team, I feel that we are successfully meeting a great need and will open new doors in the IoT space.

To date, most IoT solutions have been fragmented — either custom and unrepeatable or incompatible with existing infrastructure, with incomplete and unprotected data access and insights.

When designing our solution, we sought a clear alternative. So we built in a way that was modular versus custom, built to extend versus hard to change, and unified in its approach versus fragmented.

And now, we are offering a tangible bridge between the vast opportunities of the Internet of Things and the reality of a practical solution — a finished solution built on the powerful Microsoft Azure platform that makes it easier to connect, manage, capture and transform data from intelligent and unintelligent endpoints alike, regardless of operating system. We see Microsoft leading the way to help enterprises gain new insights, optimize business processes, make more informed decisions and identify new revenue opportunities.

We are building out an Intelligent Systems Service portal and are providing an SDK so customers and partners alike can add custom vertical solutions on top. Our service will enable connectivity, complex event processing and data administration. It will also be analytic ready (plug into BI tools).

We will be supporting the following capabilities:

  • Connect. Quickly connect endpoints regardless of form factor, operating system or intelligence to other devices, cloud-based services and infrastructure.
  • Configure. Apply configurable and customizable rules that define actions on devices to automate and improve business processes. 
  • Harness. Efficiently capture, store, join, visualize, analyze and share data to drive meaningful business insights. 
  • Administer. Remotely manage data transfer, maintenance, configuration and software deployment on convenient asset dashboards. 
  • Extend. Innovate and grow on a flexible platform.

And we’re just getting started. We will be rapidly adding new capabilities on an ongoing basis.

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service site.

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