Your business needs the Internet of Your Things




Your business needs the Internet of Your Things

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Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

I said in my last post that the Internet of Things is not just a futuristic concept, it’s here right now. And I want to make one thing clear: The Internet of Things is really the Internet of Your Things because it starts with what matters to your business — your own assets, needs and goals. What information are you already collecting? What will your customers want in the next 10 weeks, six months or two years? What are your goals for growth and expansion? The data and technology assets you already have are the keys to getting started in answering these questions.

Connected devices can capture many varieties of data in vast quantities. A set of sensors in refrigerators can show you the current temperature of all the perishable food on a large cruise ship. An automated hospital pharmacy shelf can monitor stocks of frequently used medications. A GPS network can show the current location of all the vehicles in a car-sharing fleet. None of these pieces of data has much meaning until it’s analyzed and put into the context of your business goals. But with insight garnered from powerful business intelligence tools such as Azure HD Insight and Power BI for Office 365, that data can unlock new possibilities — new revenue streams, new ideas for expansion or products, and new efficiencies that can make the most of what you already have in place. You can start right now to use your things as tools for analysis and insight.

hat matters to your business matters the most. Collecting and analyzing data shows you not just your business performance, but also your blind spots — the things you don’t know because you aren’t looking at them from the right perspective. The Internet of Things gives you visibility into those blind spots. By starting small with your existing assets, then adding the tools and services that help you make the most of what you have, you can use the Internet of Your Things to enhance your business processes and make more informed decisions. Making the most of these insights gives you an edge against your competitors by helping you solve the problems or seize the opportunities they don’t yet know are there. Visit our website to learn more about how the Internet of Your Things can change the trajectory of your business in real time.

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