Microsoft has the tools to help you realize your strategy for the Internet of Things




Microsoft has the tools to help you realize your strategy for the Internet of Things

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Posted By Barb Edson
General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

I’ve been blogging about Microsoft’s unique vision for the Internet of Things and how it can help enterprises realize tremendous business value from data. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service, which provides the tools and expertise you need to bring the Internet of Things to life for your business. If you’re still working to develop a strategy for the Internet of Things, Microsoft has the expertise and vision to help you get started. And if your strategy is solidly in place, Microsoft has the technologies and services you need to refine that strategy while making the most of the data and devices in your business. As an early leader in the Internet of Things technology space, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to support your growth and acceleration, with a full suite of products and services, along with the support of a vast, global partner ecosystem.

Microsoft’s data and business intelligence tools can help you create actionable insights from data you may already have. It’s likely that you also already have the software and tools you need to get started; and if you need to build out your system, it’s easy to integrate new tools and devices that are as familiar and easy to use as your existing Microsoft assets. From analytics software such as Azure SQL Database, Azure HD Insight and Power BI for Office 365 to software platforms that power industry devices and sensors and cloud-based solutions and services, our broad offering of technology and tools can support your existing investments — and even your non-Microsoft investments.

Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service builds on Microsoft’s extensive product offerings as well as our decades of work with the leading experts and visionaries in the IT industry. This month’s announcement marks a new step, but in many ways it’s also part of the continued evolution of our Internet of Things vision. Working with Microsoft on your own Internet of Things implementation gives you access not just to our product mix, but also to the leading edge of the intelligent systems universe — that place where real business value is launched from the technologies of the Internet of Things.

To cap it all off, we have a partner ecosystem to connect you to system integrators, ISVs and other experts with specific industry expertise. The Microsoft Partner Network recently launched the Intelligent Systems competency, which gives you another way to choose partners that have the specific skills, experience and resources to help you with your intelligent systems strategy and implementation. So whether you’re looking to make some small changes or tackle a comprehensive IT overhaul as part of your Internet of Things strategy, Microsoft has the tools, vision and support to help you turn your disparate assets into a truly intelligent system. Find out more about our offerings and resources today.

When you implement a strategy to capitalize on the Internet of Things — and you team up with the one company that has the right services, software for devices, business intelligence tools and partner ecosystem — you can stop just running your business and start making it thrive. Read more about Microsoft’s vision for the Internet of Your Things here.

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