Three new ways restaurant operators can capitalize on the Internet of Things




Three new ways restaurant operators can capitalize on the Internet of Things

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Posted By Kristin Flandreau
Americas Group Business Lead

Microsoft delivers a unique, integrated approach for restaurant operators that want to capitalize on the Internet of Things: We enable these customers to connect their “things” to gather, store and analyze data. The resulting business insights enable restaurant operators to truly transform their businesses.

Several of our intelligent systems partners will demonstrate this approach to IoT — we call it enabling the “Internet of Your Things” — at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show, May 17–20, 2014, at McCormick Place in Chicago. This blog previews three partner solutions I think are must-sees at NRA.

MICROS Systems

MICROS will highlight its new MICROS mTablet with the Engagement Feature, which enables restaurants to implement the Microsoft vision for the Internet of Your Things. The solution offers restaurant managers the ability to view and analyze data from POS, mobile POS and industry tablet endpoints. With the MICROS mTablet with the Engagement Feature, restaurant managers have a real-time view of restaurant wait lists and reservations, as well as sales and inventory data. With insights from this data, they can take their businesses to a new level by driving smarter operations and delivering better customer service. For a demonstration of this tablet’s features, watch this video or visit MICROS in booth 6007.

MICROS mTablet E-Series with the Engagement Feature

MICROS Simphony, running on Windows 8.1 Professional or Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, coupled with new mTablet E-Series incorporating the latest Intel Atom processor, brings a fluid, beautiful touch experience to hospitality and retail operators. You can hear what one customer, Habit Burger, has to say about this solution by viewing our recent hospitality webinar: “Tablets in the Restaurant: Lessons from an Early Adopter and How to Leverage Your Mobile 'Things'.”

NEC Corp. of America, Retail Solutions Division

The new NEC Retail Stanchion Solutions application enables restaurant managers to realize the untapped potential of data collected from disparate endpoints within a store. Stanchion Store connects the entire NEC Stanchion Hardware portfolio including POS stations, tablets and handheld terminals to create an intelligent system that gives restaurateurs the flexibility to monitor data from multiple sources and take actions such as updating product and pricing information. Visit NEC Retail Solutions in NRA booth 6682 to see this solution in person, or register here for the upcoming June 6 webinar, “Store of the Future: Harnessing the Power and Potential of a Digital Transformation.” Sponsored by Microsoft, the webinar will feature NEC’s solution for the world’s largest c-store retailer.

Dinerware Home Office Dashboard


Dinerware’s Dinerware POS application is both easy to use and flexible. Its robust management features enable restaurateurs to realize Microsoft’s Internet of Your Things vision by unlocking insights from data collected from POS, mobile POS and tablets including Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry tablets. Restaurant managers can access over 80 real-time reports covering all aspects of business operation. When restaurant managers are on the go and away from their restaurants, they can view real-time data on their devices using the Dinerware software-as-a-service Home Office application running on Microsoft Azure (see dashboard screen above). With Home Office, managers can make decisions to optimize business remotely. Visit Dinerware in NRA booth 6562 to learn more.


If you are in Chicago next week, visit our partners at the NRA event. MICROS Systems, NEC and Dinerware will all demonstrate strategies for restaurant operators to harness data to transform their businesses. Our partners are delivering the right platforms and tools to help restaurateurs put the Internet of Things to work in their businesses today. To learn more about Microsoft’s vision for IoT in retail, visit our industry page.

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