The Internet of Soccer




The Internet of Soccer

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Posted By Windows Embedded Team

It’s a rare and wonderful thing when your work intersects with your play. Here at Windows Embedded, our love of cool technology just collided with our love of soccer in this story on PSFK. Seems the Internet of Things (IoT) can be found on the soccer pitch, in the form of Brazil’s team’s special Gatorade bottles—equipped with sensors that track how much each player drinks.

Staying hydrated can be key to player performance. According to writer Leah Gonzalez, “each player’s water bottle has a built-in sensor that monitors the player’s consumption and sends the information in real time to the coaches and trainers, who are able to view and track the information via a hydration tracking app.”

That’s straight-up IoT talk, and an illustration of how wide-reaching this technology can be—here right now, enabling peak performance from elite athletes, so that we IoT engineers can take a break once in a while and just watch a really good match. You can watch a video about the Gatorade bottles here; and read more about Microsoft’s vision for the Internet of Your Things here. And check out our story about IoT technology in American football.

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