Dig deeper into the potential of IoT: Watch the WPC 2014 breakout sessions




Dig deeper into the potential of IoT: Watch the WPC 2014 breakout sessions

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Posted By Karen Roberts
Senior Partner Marketing Manager

In my post last month, I recapped the tremendous success of the Internet of Things (IoT) Industry team at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).The entire team is thrilled with all of the positive feedback we received from partners about Microsoft’s unique perspective on the IoT opportunity. In fact, there’s been so much excitement about our IoT breakout sessions at WPC that I wanted to make them accessible to our broader partner community.

IoT represents a huge business opportunity for our partners, and we’re committed to helping them capitalize on that opportunity. To that end, below is a brief recap of each of the five IoT breakout sessions, along with a link to the session recordings within WPC Connect (login required). Whether you attended WPC 2014 or not, you can watch any of these sessions and share your favorites with colleagues to learn how your organization can take advantage of the great business potential of IoT.


Unleash the Potential of the Internet of Things through Intelligent Systems Solutions

Barb Edson, general marketing manager for Cloud and Enterprise, walked partners through Microsoft’s perspective on IoT and how they can take reap value from IoT by creating intelligent systems. Edson explained that IoT is not a futuristic trend; it’s here today, and Microsoft partners around the world are building practices around — and realizing real value from — IoT. Jeff Wettlaufer, senior technical product marketing manager, joined Edson to demonstrate how the London Underground is embracing IoT, with the help of CGI and telent. CGI’s principal consultant, John Hicklin, also spoke about why CGI chose Microsoft as its vendor of choice.


Services for the Internet of Things (IoT): The Next Wave of Revenue Growth for Partners

Hundreds of partners turned out to hear Wettlaufer and Nayana Singh, senior product marketing manager, explain how Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service — an end-to-end Microsoft Azure-based solution that facilitates the secure connection and management of devices and data — is helping enterprises capitalize on IoT. Singh laid out how Intelligent Systems Service makes it easy to securely connect, manage, capture and transform data from connectable endpoints, such as industry devices and sensors, regardless of operating system.


Windows Devices for the Internet of Things: Creating Intelligent Systems through Innovative Devices and Services

Data was a huge theme at WPC 2014, and in this session, product marketing managers David Wurster and Colin Murphy teamed up to explain how intelligent systems solutions are harnessing data from connected devices to drive real business transformation. The best part about building intelligent systems on the Windows platform, they explained, is that customers can leverage the devices and services that they already own to realize their IoT vision.


Building an Intelligent Systems Business with Microsoft Azure Services

This session with Singh, Wettlaufer and Cyra Richardson, senior quality manager, covered the architecture of Intelligent Systems Service to help partners get a clearer view of the finished service and its components. Discussion centered on how to extend Intelligent Systems Service to create rich, customized, vertical experiences; analytics; data visualization; and other intelligent systems solutions that improve customers’ time-to-value. In addition, the speakers elaborated on the ease of integrating other technologies with Intelligent Systems Service, including powerful data analytics tools such as Power BI for Office 365 and HDInsight that enable enterprises to identify ways to drive improvements in operations and unlock new business opportunities.


Capitalize on the Internet of Things: Developing Intelligent Systems Solutions for Retail and Consumer Goods

Microsoft’s Eric Kamont, business solution specialist, spoke about how IoT presents great opportunities for retailers and consumer packaged goods companies, by enabling retailers and brands to interact with customers in new ways, run operations more efficiently and gain actionable insights from data.


Even if you weren’t able to make it to WPC, hopefully these recaps give you an idea of the enormous potential of IoT to transform your business and the ways Microsoft can help you get there. Here are some ways you can begin to capitalize on the IoT opportunity:

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