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  • Blog Post: Creating a collaboration platform for better plant operations

    Posted By Partha Srinivasan Product Manager, Windows Embedded Server and SQL products I’ve written before about how server appliances that are used in the industrial automation and manufacturing industries can improve productivity. Today, I have a real-life illustration of just how powerfully...
  • Blog Post: Could the Internet of Things help trigger a new period of economic growth?

    Posted By Kevin Dallas General Manager When it comes to the kind of landmark, disruptive technologies that have changed the face of economies and nations, there is a very short, debatable list: monumental developments such as electricity , flight , automobiles , the telephone , the PC . Today there...
  • Blog Post: Manufacturing at a Crossroads: Windows Embedded at SPS IPC Drives 2012

    Posted By Barb Edson General Manager, Marketing and Business Development My colleague Werner Reuss recently got to showcase some game-changing new embedded solutions for the manufacturing industry at the annual SPS IPC Drives technology event in Nuremberg, Germany. Werner is the Windows Embedded business...
  • Blog Post: Discovering Intelligent Systems at work in Manufacturing

    Posted By Jeff Wettlaufer Technical Program Manager Hey everyone, recently our Windows Embedded team was on a customer site visit in Europe, and we came across a fantastic example of Intelligent Systems in action. While we were touring an automobile manufacturing plant, we observed the line using...
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