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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Solving patient-data breaches starts with human solutions

    Posted By Valerie Olague
    Americas Business Group Lead

    You hear or read about it almost every day: Patient healthcare data breaches involving thousands, even hundreds of thousands of patient records. It can happen in hospitals, physicians’ offices, research centers and nearly everywhere patient data records are held. As a consumer of healthcare, I certainly get nervous with every new article, wondering “Who has access to my medical information?”

    Is the problem with the software systems? In some cases, yes. For example, I recently read how some free mobile health applications sell user information to advertisers. As a marketer, I can see some potential user benefits to this.  For one, if I upload information indicating I have a bad cold and within an hour I get a coupon for free nasal spray, that’s not so bad. But what about having a deeply personal medical issue and suddenly your name is made available to every company that wants to profit from your illness?  Picture a phone call while eating dinner with the family at home and your child picks up the phone to hear a pre-recorded message on the advantages of Viagra. That’s not so good.

    Thanks to the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (PPACA), I don’t have to worry about being denied insurance due to a pre-existing illness if I decided to leave my job. But that doesn’t mean my healthcare records should be easily available to insurance companies … or to advertisers. The PPACA also includes a new mandate for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems that is set to take effect in 2014. Healthcare providers are now attempting to get these systems implemented before the deadline and outside of cost, security of patient data is high on the list for the selection process. Some companies don’t trust larger EMR and EHR software vendors and thus try to write the systems themselves. The Pentagon has already spent five years and more than $1 billion trying to do just this but found it was a lot harder than they thought.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Systems in Taiwan

    Posted By John Boladian
    Marketing Director, Asia Pacific & Greater China

    Taiwan is a highly competitive market for Windows Embedded OEMs/ODMs, and growing more so each year. My colleague Alan Lee, Windows Embedded Business Lead for Taiwan, shares his thoughts on the increasing momentum there of intelligent systems.

    In the recent years, Taiwan has become a world-class computer design and manufacturing country. A majority of the players are small- and medium-sized companies who started their business as PC original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and later utilized their skills and expertise in embedded computing to make a mark in different industries that include POS, KIOSK, industrial PC and military.

    Microsoft Windows Embedded recently unveiled a series of products during its Road Map announcement and it has the industry excited, as many of our customers and partners are anticipating new and exciting ways to enhance technology with intelligent systems.

    The intelligent systems market in Asia, including Taiwan, is experiencing explosive growth. In Taiwan, we have more than 20 OEM/ODMs that are currently evaluating the community technology preview (CTP) for Windows Embedded Standard 8, and over 120 projects have been completed and are being tested for Windows Embedded 8. Device categories include PPC, IPC, POS, industrial table, medicaland many more.





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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Security Updates for Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard 2009 - June 2014

    Posted By Windows Embedded Team

    The June 2014 Windows XP Embedded SP3 and Windows Embedded Standard 2009 security updates are now available.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Intelligent Systems? They are all around you.

    Posted By Chris Caile
    Group Marketing Manager

    Welcome to the “new” Windows Embedded Intelligent Systems blog!

    As a quick introduction, I’m Chris Caile, Group Marketing Manager on the Windows Embedded Outbound Marketing team. Our team is responsible for our marketing campaigns to tell customers about our solutions around intelligent systems and within our focus industries including retail, health, and industrial automation.

    I’ve been with Embedded for a little under a year and I’m impressed by all the ways smart, connected devices impact our lives. This blog will explore those devices and also showcase companies using devices as part of a broader solution to improve their performance and ultimately our experiences.

    As a visitor to the Windows Embedded blog hopefully you know by now that our division is all about the shift from smart devices to Intelligent Systems.  There are many formal definitions of an intelligent system but the simplest is smart devices that capture data and relay it to a server where the data is turned into valuable insight for the business.  Devices collect data, transmit to a server or database, and then analytic software turns out patterns, trends, and insights to help that system improve.  This process is repeated over and over every day by billions of smart devices.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    September 2013 Optional Update is Available on MyOEM for Standard 8

    Posted By Windows Embedded Team

    The September 2013 Optional Update for Windows Embedded 8 Standard is now available on MyOEM.

    This update contains:

    • KB 2879967 - This KB resolves an issue with the Unified Write Filter where shutdown/restart does not work when its overlay space is exhausted.


    If you have questions on accessing MyOEM, please email the OEM Customer Communications Care Team at


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