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Chris Caile

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    Intelligent Systems? They are all around you.

    Posted By Chris Caile
    Group Marketing Manager

    Welcome to the “new” Windows Embedded Intelligent Systems blog!

    As a quick introduction, I’m Chris Caile, Group Marketing Manager on the Windows Embedded Outbound Marketing team. Our team is responsible for our marketing campaigns to tell customers about our solutions around intelligent systems and within our focus industries including retail, health, and industrial automation.

    I’ve been with Embedded for a little under a year and I’m impressed by all the ways smart, connected devices impact our lives. This blog will explore those devices and also showcase companies using devices as part of a broader solution to improve their performance and ultimately our experiences.

    As a visitor to the Windows Embedded blog hopefully you know by now that our division is all about the shift from smart devices to Intelligent Systems.  There are many formal definitions of an intelligent system but the simplest is smart devices that capture data and relay it to a server where the data is turned into valuable insight for the business.  Devices collect data, transmit to a server or database, and then analytic software turns out patterns, trends, and insights to help that system improve.  This process is repeated over and over every day by billions of smart devices.


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