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    Windows Embedded 8 End-to-end Lab Exercises

    Posted By Maura van der Linden
    Programming Writer

    It can be a challenge to learn a new product--or even a new version of a product you’re already familiar with--and the content team for Windows Embedded products is always looking for ways to make that process more streamlined and faster.

    In response to customer requests for more end-to-end instructional content, the Windows Embedded Standard 8 help content contains over a dozen lab exercises that are designed to enable you to learn more about Standard 8 as you perform one or more tasks.

    These lab exercises are a new addition to our help content and our documentation team worked hard to cover a range of basic and advanced topics. The lab exercises are ordered, so that you have the option of completing more basic exercises before moving on to more advanced ones. If there are dependencies on other lab exercises, those are clearly stated in the prerequisites section.


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