Editor's Note: This post is a translation of an article by Avishai Bessa originally published in Hebrew on May 7, 2013, on Newsgeek, Israel's leading tech blog.

From large sporting arenas to small business establishments, haven’t you ever felt like taking over the big screen with your smartphone?

Name of startup: Screemo

One-line pitch: Screemo allows smartphone users to connect and interact with large advertising screens.

Use of Azure: Screemo’s SaaS platform is stored entirely on Azure. “We use Azure’s cloud service, which provides for increased resources at the touch of a button. In addition, Screemo’s database services also run on Azure, configured in virtual machines. Working this way allows us to enjoy reliability while significantly reducing the servers’ operational costs.”

Have you always dreamed of appearing on the big screen at Staples Center while the Los Angeles Lakers play? Or maybe winning a prize in a half-time raffle at a Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game? Screemo is out to simplify the process of airing an ad campaign, with the communication itself accomplished via a web application and the result displayed on the big screen.

From Smartphone to Big Screen by Way of a Web Application

Using the platform that Screemo supplies, the audience at sports events can participate through their smartphones in special activities conducted on the arena’s big screen. How does it work? They can choose to surf to a special web application through their Facebook accounts, and participate in games such as a trivia quiz, a competition between individuals in the audience, or any other kind of game for fun or publicity, since Screemo supplies only the platform and the logic while it’s the corporate customer that chooses and changes the actual graphics.

On-screen games can already be conducted with users in the audience by way of technology that is several years old, but the problem is that a great investment of resources and a great deal of time are required for each campaign. Programmers and designers must produce the application, at high expense. The advertiser’s servers need to be connected to the server that manages the screen at the arena –and all of this for only one campaign. With Screemo’s solution businesses can quickly incorporate interactive applications, with little external development, under the company’s patent-pending SaaS model.

Coming Soon: Deployment in North America, Then the Rest of the World

The company is targeting the four main markets that provide an interactive experience between the screen and smartphone: the global advertising market, retailers, the information market (airports, hospitals, etc.), and the entertainment market embracing sports, performances, and more. The first in line is the sports market, where Israeli teams — Maccabi Tel Aviv being foremost — are using big screens in sporting arenas to provide the audience with information and to engage with it. During the coming month, the company will launch a series of interactive products for sports arenas in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Screemo is currently working in cooperation with the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, which plays at Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv. Over the coming weeks, the company is expected to conclude a number of similar contracts with teams in the USA, Germany, and Canada. Screemo was founded in December of 2012 and has already been selected as one of thirteen startups participating in the Microsoft Azure startup accelerator program. Recently Screemo commenced a round of seed funding, with the Margalit family’s Innodo seed investment fund already joining as an investor a month ago and other investors expected to join in the coming month.