Hi guys,

welcome to my blog "Windows Bits and Pieces". My name is Thomas Jüngling. I work for Microsoft as a Windows Escalation engineer in the German support team. I´m doing work mostly in the area of windows deployment techniques, like MSI, Hotfix Installer, CBS, Bits, Unattended Setup, Sysprep, WDS. Most of the blogs will cover topics in this area. Most of the topics will be centered around troubleshooting problems using debugging techniques. My other occupation in my Job is writing and delivering Debug trainings. This blog will start off with a series of labs that come from a debug training. It will cover 64 bit assembly code. This first blog series will be split in 7 or 8 parts the will occur biweekly. It is aimed at beginners in the topic and it will build assembly knowledge discussing the implementation of all C language constructs in 64 bit assembly.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback,