How do I find all the Windows Installer packages installed on my machine?


Here’s the APIs and the Properties one would need

MsiEnumProducts(DWORD,LPTSTR) function [Windows Installer]
MsiEnumProductsEx (8 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]

ProductCode Property

MsiGetProductInfoEx (6 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]
MsiGetProductInfo(LPCTSTR,LPCTSTR,LPTSTR,DWORD) function [Windows Installer]

UpgradeCode property [Windows Installer]

If one were interested in finding the installation location, use

MsiSourceListGetInfo (7 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]
MsiSourceListEnumSources (7 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]
MsiSourceListEnumMediaDisks (10 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]

What would be really cool is to migrate the feature states as well with

MsiQueryFeatureState(LPCTSTR,LPCTSTR) function [Windows Installer]
MsiQueryFeatureStateEx (5 Parameters) function [Windows Installer]

To populate the preselected properties

ADDSOURCE property [Windows Installer]
ADVERTISE property [Windows Installer]
ADDLOCAL property [Windows Installer]
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