Hi all,

It was recently pointed out to me that I had not yet updated my introduction post. So I wanted to take a moment to let you all know of a change in my job description and role. Since October 2008, I have been the Program Manager (commonly known as PM at Microsoft) for Windows Installer. I’m excited about my new role and its been a great journey so far. Thank you for your continued interest in the Windows Installer and I look forward to your comments and feedback as always.

Hi, I'm Zainab (pronounced Zay'nab) and I am the test engineer for the Windows Installer (MSI) team. I have been a part of the MSI team for just a little under 3 years now. I love coming in every day to my job and working on the technology that significantly affects a variety of customers worldwide and enables them to provide a great installation and configuration experience of their applications.

I served as the test lead for Windows Installer 4.5 out-of-band release, which is the latest release of Windows Installer. This article describes all the new and improved features of Windows Installer 4.5.