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March, 2012

  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    Build apps with the experts at Windows 8 Dev Camps

    We’ve been reading your comments and questions here on the blog and in the forums, and we know a lot of you are interested in building new Metro style apps, but you also have a lot of questions. One great place that you can go to get answers is a Windows 8 Dev Camp . Dev Camps complement the Dev Center resources and are a hands-on learning opportunity that will help you become an even better developer of Metro style apps. So, what exactly is a Windows 8 Dev Camp? It’s a free event that pulls together...
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    Activating Windows 8 contracts in your app

    When you start writing Metro style apps you’ll quickly come across contracts, a new and powerful concept in Windows 8. Metro style apps use contracts to declare interactions they support with other apps and with Windows. You’ve probably already heard about some of them: search, share, etc. Using contracts, apps become better by working with the system or with each other when users install more apps that implement contracts. In this post I’ll walk you through activation, one of the main concepts to...
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    Keeping apps fast and fluid with asynchrony in the Windows Runtime

    Human beings are asynchronous by nature, which directly affects how we expect apps to respond to us. The Windows Runtime (WinRT) has embraced this asynchrony as a first-class citizen in the building of fast and fluid Metro style apps. If you are building a Metro style app, you will need to write some asynchronous code at some point. In this blog post, we talk about why asynchronous programming is so prevalent in WinRT, and we’ll give you the basics on how to use it in your apps and some background...
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    Combining XAML and DirectX

    Since early on in the development of Windows 8, we’ve been thinking about ways to combine UI, such as the rich set of controls and interactivity provided by XAML, and graphics, like the low-level, high-performance rendering of DirectX. The feedback you gave for the Developer Preview through the Dev Center forums and other channels helped us focus on the set of related scenarios that developers really wanted to build. We saw some common themes: many of you wanted to either add DirectX graphics to...
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    Bring single sign-on and SkyDrive to your Windows 8 apps with the Live SDK

    Thanks to the cloud, Windows 8 customers can work and play seamlessly across devices. By signing in to your PC or device with a Microsoft account and taking advantage of free personal storage in SkyDrive (see Connecting your apps, files, PCs and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8 for more info), your apps, settings and personal files are always with you. As an app developer, you can take advantage of these cloud capabilities by integrating with the Live SDK in their Metro style apps...
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    Migrating your apps from Developer Preview to Consumer Preview

    Hi, I’m John Sheehan, Partner Architect on the Windows Development team. We really appreciate you building apps for the preview releases. Your feedback helps us make Windows 8 great. Of course, building on a preview means that you need to make updates to your apps for each preview release – that’s what this post is all about, migrating your projects from the Developer Preview to the Consumer Preview. I’m going to highlight some of the changes here, but for a detailed guide to the changes, you can...
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    What’s changed for app developers since //build/ (part 2)

    As promised, I’m back to tell you about more of the important work that we’ve done since //build/. In part 1 of this post, I covered DirectX and XAML integration, improvements to the Blend designers, CSS independent animations, and more. But I’m sure you’re eager to dig into more of what’s new, so let’s jump right in. Tile and toast notifications Tiles and toasts are key parts of our Metro style design principles. They allow you to see important info at a glance, even when your app isn’t running...
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    What’s changed for app developers since //build/ (part 1)

    The Consumer Preview is now available and hopefully, you’ve had a chance to see what we’ve been up to. Our engineering team has been working hard since //build/. We’ve been listening to your feedback and using it to improve our development platform. At the same time, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on lots of platform features that you haven’t seen before. Along with the work we did directly on Windows, we’ve also improved our Visual Studio tools substantially since //build/. There have...
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