Metro style apps are the focal point of the user experience on Windows 8 Release Preview. Great Metro style apps share an important set of design traits that provide a consistent, elegant, and compelling user experience.

With the first apps in the Windows Store, it’s exciting to see app designers begin to push the boundaries of the Metro style design principles on Windows 8. There’s plenty of innovation and beautiful apps to come. If you are a developer or designer creating a new user experience for your Metro style app and you want to learn how to get started, this free virtual training is perfect for you.

On 14th June from 9am to 5.30pm PST, the Windows User Experience team is running sessions on how to design great apps that use the platform in cool ways and follow UX guidelines. After the training, you’ll be able to design and build experiences that follow the tenants of great apps, use intuitive information architecture patterns, and use best practices for designing flexible layouts, touch, contracts, and much more.

14th June, 9am-5.30pm PST – event agenda

  • Embracing Metro style design – the principles of designing for Windows 8
  • Less is more: Commanding, information architecture and navigation
  • Be fast and fluid: Designing for touch, mouse and keyboard
  • Be fast and fluid: Animations
  • Snap and scale beautifully: Designing apps with adaptive layouts
  • Using the right contracts
  • Connected and alive – how to design great tiles and notifications
  • Anatomy of an app: case study

After the training, you can view the training any time.

--James Senior, Windows 8 App Guy, @jsenior