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July, 2012

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    Creating Metro style apps that stand out from the crowd

    When you submit your app into the Store, there will no doubt be other apps in your category that will compete for people’s attention. Being able to crisply showcase the differentiation points in your offerings and staying focused on delivering the core scenarios that you are best at are crucial to a successful Metro style app that will stand out from the crowd. Windows 8 provides a set of design patterns , common controls , and built-in platform functionalities such as contracts that can help you...
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    Modernizing input in Windows 8

    In Windows 8, we set out to modernize our input platform. We wanted to make sure that developing for it became more straightforward, but also to build a foundation that can grow and support new input modalities as Windows and apps evolve. To do this, we went back to basics and focused on core principles that guide our design. In this blog post I share with you why these principles matter, and how you can take advantage of the platform to build great apps in Windows 8. Platform principles Windows...
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    Using HTML controls to create great Metro style apps

    With Windows 8, you can use HTML to build Metro style apps. What you might not realize is that by using HTML controls directly, you automatically get the new Windows 8 experience. We have done work in HTML so that you can build industrial strength apps that have touch capability while still maintaining the great flexibility of using HTML. We want you to quickly and efficiently build apps that shine. In particular, we want you to continue to take advantage of common HTML controls like <button>...
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    Roaming your app data

    Windows 8 keeps users always connected. They can be connected to the internet, cloud services, and their other Windows 8 PCs. Your app can participate in this always connected ecosystem by taking advantage of roaming app data. In this post I tell you more about roaming app data, what it is, why it’s important, and best of all how easy it is to implement in your app. Why roam data Roaming personalization settings is key to feeling connected to Windows, and Windows 8 does that for many Windows settings...
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    Testing Metro style apps in Windows 8

    In the world of Metro style apps, your apps are the focus of the whole experience. For this experience to be delightful to your users, you want to ensure that your apps are well tested and represent a high level of quality. Producing a Metro style app involves four main stages: design, development, testing and finally distribution. A number of previous blog posts focus on the design and development aspects of Metro style apps. In this post, we cover a few high level verification areas related to...
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    Creating beautiful views for local files

    Part of Metro style design is building clean views that allow content to shine and help users accomplish their tasks. We explore in particular how you can create beautiful galleries with content from user’s files and folders on the local file system. Being able to display local content is a key requirement for many gallery apps that let users browse and consume their content – photos, videos, music, or documents. Windows 8 provides tools to do this in a simple, efficient, and customizable way. To...
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