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October, 2012

  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    Multilingual App Toolkit for developing Windows Store apps using Visual Studio 2012

    Windows 8 was designed to work better in more locales all over the world. Working with developers like you, we can complete these globalized experiences by releasing apps that are relevant in more locations around the world. By translating using machine translation or localizing using a human translator, you can make your Windows Store app available in more languages and reach more markets and larger audiences. While making apps available on a global scale has always been a priority, with Windows...
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    Building a custom control using XAML and C#

    You may already know that one of the most powerful features of the Windows 8 XAML platform is the flexibility the platform provides to create custom controls. XAML provides features like Dependency Properties and Control Templates that make it easy to create feature-rich and customizable controls. In the last post, “ Building a custom control using the Windows Library for JavaScript ,” Jordan Matthiesen walked you through creating a custom HelloWorld control. In this post I walk you through creating...
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    Introducing Windows Store App Labs for app builders

    Today we introduce Windows Store App Labs in more than 30 cities around the world for all app builders – developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Windows Store App Labs are places where you can access the newest Windows 8 devices, get technical help from Windows experts, and receive design guidance from leading edge designers and digital agencies. All for free! Check out and test the newest Windows 8 devices The labs are stocked with the latest Windows 8 devices in multiple form factors...
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    Building a custom control using the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS)

    If you have developed Windows Store apps using JavaScript, you most likely have encountered the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). This library provides you with a set of CSS styles, JavaScript controls and utilities to help you quickly build apps that meet the UX guidelines for the Windows Store. Among the utilities provided by WinJS are a set of functions you can use to create custom controls in your app. You can write JavaScript controls using any patterns or libraries you like; the library...
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