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November, 2012

  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    Enabling great Play To experiences from your Windows 8 apps (and websites!)

    Play To Overview The Play To feature allows you to stream music, photos and videos from apps to Xbox and other supported devices on your home network. Imagine being able to easily flick photos and videos from your app to the big screen TV. Or music from your app to your living room speakers. Using the Play To contract, you can easily enable those scenarios for your users from your apps. It’s a great way for you to make your apps more engaging in users’ living rooms. To deliver a great end-to-end...
  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    User experience integration testing for Windows 8 apps

    In the blog post for testing Windows Store apps , we discussed what to test at the various runtime states for your app. We also discussed a few aspects of the Windows 8 user experience and how that affects the environment your app lives in. Now, we explore the new user experience a bit further and highlight some of the interesting interactions and scenarios your app can run into based on our testing of existing apps, and what you can do to make sure your app works correctly. A common layout and behavior...
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