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April, 2013

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    Develop a cutting edge app with NFC

    Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging, short range wireless technology. With a precise range of 2 cm, people can physically tap devices together to send/receive content. Tapping lets you select something (or someone) quickly. Not only is it quick, it’s also easy to understand. Once you see it, you get it; there’s no manual needed. For example, imagine you are looking at some photos with a friend and she wants your pictures; with NFC, you can simply tap your device against her PC to send the...
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    Creating connected Windows Store apps

    People are continually surrounded by devices that are connected to a network. Even the latest refrigerators and washing machines can connect to the internet and home networks. So it’s no surprise that end-users expect their apps to be connected as well. These “connected apps” consume the latest content from the web—social media, digital media, blogs, and other types of content. Developing connected apps has become the norm, but it can still be a challenge to handle common issues like loss of network...
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    Register now for //build/ 2013!

    Last week Steve Guggenheimer announced //build/ 2013. The conference is taking place June 26-28, 2013 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. //build/ is a great opportunity to learn more about developing Windows Store apps. The conference will include great presentations, demos, info sessions, etc. for you. Many of us from the engineering team are traveling down to San Francisco to give these demos and answer your questions. There’s no better place to get the latest and greatest info on Windows...
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    Windows Store app support in jQuery version 2.0

    If you’ve already done some web development, it’s likely you’ve used the open source JavaScript framework jQuery. And if you’ve tried building Windows Store apps using jQuery, you might have run into errors related to JavaScript runtime or dynamic content. With the upcoming release of v2.0, the jQuery team has addressed these concerns. The jQuery v2 beta now supports development in HTML5/JS for Windows Store apps. As a web developer, you can use your existing skills and assets to build awesome apps...
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