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May, 2013

  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    Create location aware apps using geolocation and Bing Maps

    By tying together a user’s location to the business logic of your app, you can easily provide app users with weather, coupons, sporting events, or concert listings for their current location. You can use the geolocation capabilities of Windows 8, along with the Bing Maps SDK, to create great location aware Windows Store apps . Let’s take a look at how your app can use the location service to provide users location-specific info with either an IP address, WiFi network, or GPS data. Once you have the...
  • Windows 8 app developer blog

    Introducing a new Windows Dev Center experience

    Since launching the Windows Dev Center in October, 2011, we’ve worked closely with developers and designers around the world to understand how we can provide the best guidance, inspiration, and samples for app builders. With millions of visitors and your feedback, we’ve been evaluating what’s been working well and what experiences can be improved. What’s new The Windows team is focused on growing a vibrant and thriving app ecosystem. This is manifested in three ways: great apps, great economics,...
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    Credential Locker: Your solution for handling usernames and passwords in your Windows Store app

    If you haven’t yet heard about the Credential Locker that's available for Windows Store apps, it’s time you did. Why? Because it not only simplifies the task of storing and retrieving user credentials , it stores them securely, and credentials roam with users “for free” along with their Microsoft account. Say you have an app that connects to a service to access protected resources such as media files, social networking, etc. Your service requires login information for each user. So, you’ve built...
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    Sharing to your target app

    In Sharing from your app , we introduced the idea of sharing content from the example app Food with Friends to several target apps that let the user accomplish rich end-to-end scenarios. Apps in Windows 8 offer interesting content that your customers will want to share with friends or other apps. With a compelling and well-designed share target, your app can be at the heart of a social and connected experience for your customers. In this post we look at how you can use the Share target contract for...
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