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Insights on building Windows Store apps by the Windows 8 engineering team
  • Blog Post: Alive with activity, part 2: Writing and debugging services for live tiles

    In Part 1 of this series we explored the nature of tile updates, badge updates, and toast notifications that bring a sense of “aliveness” to the overall user experience of Windows 8. In particular, we saw how these notifications are composed with XML payloads that are then issued locally, from a running...
  • Blog Post: Creating a great tile experience (part 2)

    In part 1 of this post , we learned how to design tile updates and choose the templates to match the content you want to show on your live tile. We got the app set up with a wide default tile and now we’re ready to start updating our tiles. Now, we dive straight into the code. First, we’ll see how to...
  • Blog Post: Creating a great tile experience (part 1)

    A live tile is one of the best ways to entice users back to your app. This post shows you how to update your app’s live tile using polling and local APIs so that you can show off what is great about your app directly on the Windows 8 Start screen. Your tile can put front and center the best of what’s...
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