Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0 are now available for download on CodePlex. Designed to make deploying and managing your Windows Azure applications simpler, the new Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets have been updated to improve consistency and ease deployment.  Changes include:

  • Improved Support for Hosted Services Management, Affinity Groups, Storage Accounts, Storage and Instance Management.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics Support: Manage all aspects of Windows Azure Diagnostics from PowerShell.
  • SQL Azure Support: Add/Remove/Update SQL Azure Servers
  • Storage Analytics Support: Enable or Disable Storage Analytics for your Storage Account.
  • The Access Control Service PowerShell Cmdlets have been merged with the existing Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets so you can deploy both in a single installation.
  • Some of the cmdlets have been renamed and others have been enhanced in order to follow the PowerShell cmdlets design guidelines more closely.
  • The namespaces in the cmdlets solution have undergone substantial change.

In addition, several new and powerful cmdlets have been added.  Please refer to Microsoft Technical Evangelist Michael Washam’s post, “Announcing the Release of Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0” and the Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets Readme for a full list of new cmdlets and for more information about this release.

Download the Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0.