For those that currently have access, a new version of our platform and SDK has been released. It is available for download here:
Here are the release notes for developers on that version.

Developer Release Notes 4.2

1      Dynamically Changing Agent friendly name, Display Picture and  personal message

You can now change the friendly name, icon, and/or personal message of your agent directly from the buddyscript code without having to change the bfg file and restart the agent.

To do so you have to override the following functions that defined in shared/WLMUtilities.pkg

·         WLMGetAgentFriendlyName()

·         WLMGetAgentIcon()

·         WLMGetAgentPersonalMessage()

For example:

function overrides WLMGetAgentFriendlyName()

     return "Friendly name of agent"

function overrides WLMGetAgentIcon()

    return "domains:/AgentName/image.jpg.png"

function overrides WLMGetAgentPersonalMessage()

    return "Your personal message"

You can obviously put a more complex logic in place to allow for thse message and or display picture to change on a schedule.

We recommend using this mechanism going forward rather than using the parameters of the MSN-msm component.

2      Windows Live/Passport  Account Profile Information

What Can be accessed and where

MSN Messenger users profile information stored with their passport account can now be used in usage reports.

To allow for that information to be accessible during usage reporting The following call has to be made:

call LogPassportProfileData()

This will stores the following  user’s passport profile data in the session log:

·         UserAge

·         UserGender

·         UserCountry

·         UserZipCode

This information is however not accessible to the code of the agent.

Availability of information during development

The actual information for each user will only be available when the agent is deployed within a Windows Live Data Center.

During Testing and if you would like your session logs to actually contain “test” information you can override the PPDIsInDebugMode function to return true.

If you want to simulate more variation in the data, you can also override the PPDGetDebugProfileData(SCREENNAME)function defined in Buddyscript Libs:


3      PUID Access

If you agent needs access to other Windows Live Service using the end user PUID, contact the Windows Live Agents team to discuss your scenario and get access.