Quite often we hear from partners who complain that the screen name, personal status message, or display picture of their agent has disappeared from the Messenger client, and ask us to fix it. Strictly speaking, the display of these parameters in the client is subject to forces outside the control of the Windows Live Agents group, however we continue to work with those in charge of the Messenger network to resolve issues like this.
In the meantime, here is the code we use to "fix" the problem. If you are not already doing so, you should be using Method 3 from this blog post about changing friendly names, icons, and status messages. Updates to these Messenger parameters via edits to the BFG are no longer supported after 4.3!
To add the screen name parametes updater, simply include these lines in your project:
package lib:/Shared/Utilities/WLMUtilities 
procedure WLMSetUpScreenNameParametersBackground() every 5 minutes per buddy
  call WLMSetUpScreenNameParameters()