May, 2005

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    I know what you're thinking (assuming you think like my mom (hi mom!)): "How is Robert going to spend the month of June?" I'll let the numbers explain: 6 international MEDC events (Berlin, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, and Sydney) 1...
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    What new APIs do you want?

    Now that Windows Mobile 5.0 has shipped, it's time to plan the next version. We want your suggestions for new Windows Mobile APIs (either native or managed). Please submit your ideas via
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    Security Model

    Are you a developer? Are you confused by the security model of Windows Mobile 5.0? I was, too, so I wrote a whitepaper to attempt to demystify it for ISVs. It's at
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    Migration FAQ

    Backwards compatibility is super important. For Windows Mobile 5.0, we established several new processes and initiatives to improve compatibility issues across the board by identifying issues, fixing as many bugs as possible, and mitigating the ones that...
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    DMA Transport Update for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2

    Playing with VS 2005 Beta 2 and the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK? Having trouble getting VS to connect to the emulator? Install this patch . -Robert
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    WiFi Debugging

    You've probably read that the wifi/ethernet sync capabilities had to be removed in ActiveSync 4.0 for security reasons. When decision was made, there was plenty of disappointment internally and a number meetings where smart folks tried to find ways to...
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    ARM Assembly Language tutorial

    I originally wrote this tutorial on how to debug ARM code at the assembly level for my team, but it's generic enough that other people might find it useful: It's not meant to teach you every last thing about ARM assembly...
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    Porting applications from CEDB to EDB

    Howdy from MEDC! If you are porting your apps to target Windows Mobile 5.0 you might be interested in porting your existing CEDB app to EDB. I have written a whitepaper that outlines how to do this. You can find it at the following location. ...
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    My Podcast Debut

    I did a podcast interview with Mike Hall last week which I've been told will be up on his blog later tonight. We discussed .NET CF, the next version of Windows Mobile, and MEDC. -Robert
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