July, 2005

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    Why Persistent Storage Is A Good Thing

    Here's a quick primer on why you want Persistent Storage on your Pocket PCs. Persistent Storage (PS) on PocketPC is new for Windows Mobile 5.0. (All Smartphones since the original 2002 release have had PS.) Previously, your user data (email, contacts...
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    More Persistent Storage Stuff part 2

    A continuation of my " More Persistent Storage Stuff " entry, which is a follow up to " Why Persistent Storage Is A Good Thing ." These are responses to questions asked in various places as a result of the first post. Performance concerns Flash can...
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    Vibrating Profiles & Missed Calls

    As a long time Smartphone user, I'm really excited about the quality of Windows Mobile 5.0 and most of the feature changes that have happened over the years. But I'll be honest and say that I personally find a couple of the changes we had to make a bit...
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    Beating up your PPC with the web...

    In my recent Persistent Storage entries I talked about the issue that if you do extensive web browsing, you could write a ton of files to your flash and shorten its life. (Gerard, sorry I mischaracterized your question. I did understand you, but it was...
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    More Persistent Storage Stuff part 1

    There have been a lot of comments to my " Why Persistent Storage Is A Good Thing " entry, as well as a great thread over on PocketPCThoughts. I’m going to write another few entries here to try to answer the questions my post brought up. I think I caught...
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    Small change to SMS interception

    Until a question in the smartphone.developer newsgroup brought it up, I had forgotten about a small but significant change we made to SMS interception on Windows Mobile 5.0. In the past, SMS interception has worked by creating a DLL and then adding...
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    Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms Class Diagram

    Despite many many complaints from Neil , I never got around to adding the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms namespace to my big class diagram . Fortunately, there are people in the community like Daniel Moth who make up for my laziness ;) Check out his...
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    Webcast Wednesday

    For those that missed MEDC or got overwhelmed by all the interesting sessions happening simultaneously, I'll be presenting " New Managed Messaging, State, and Notification APIs in Windows Mobile 5.0 " in the form of a MSDN Webcast later this week. The...
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    Managed Direct3D Mobile

    Not sure how this slipped through my radar before, but Casey Chesnut has written a fun article on MD3DM (am I the only one who gets headaches from reading palindromic acronyms?). He's got screenshots of the SDK samples (hmm... maybe we should include...
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    "Migrating Applications to the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0"

    Don Sorcinelli has a good article up on developer.com that goes over some important things to think about when looking at CF 2.0 and WM 5.0. Something he mentions in the "Screen Orientation-Awareness" section is the new AutoScroll property on on Forms...
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    David McNamee , who I worked with at Smartphone Thoughts before joining Microsoft, has launched a new Windows Mobile & Windows CE user group in Florida . The first meeting is September 8th at the Microsoft office in Tampa. Cool! -Robert
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    Migration FAQ Update

    We added this to the Migration FAQ today, prefacing the existing entry about CAB files on Windows Mobile 5.0: On Windows Mobile 5.0, any attempt to reinstall an application will prompt the user to remove the existing installation first. This prompt...
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    More RSS feeds

    Not sure when this happened, but I just noticed that we now have a set of RSS feeds for the various sections of microsoft.com/windowsmobile. Find 'em here . They've got some interesting articles in there and highlight a bunch of 3rd party software. ...
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