August, 2005

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    Windows Mobile Help

    Hi, I'm John Kennedy from the Mobile Embedded Division's UA team - in other words, Help files. I thought I'd do a quick post here to point you at my own blog, because I'm testing out a theory on a new way to present Help, and I'd like your opinion...
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    Unifying MessageBox and OpenFileDialog

    A few days ago, I had a discussion on the pocketpc.developer newgroup with Tristan of PocketTV about how there are still some fundamental differences between Pocket PC an Smartphone APIs. The examples that came up were MessageBox (fullscreen on Smartphone...
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    Was I just in a Smartphone commercial?

    First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Brian Cross, and I’m a member of the Windows Mobile Developer Experience team. "Hello!" Now, about that Smartphone commercial. As far as I know, there weren’t any hidden cameras in my car, but it sure...
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    RAM, ROM, NAND, NOR--that's a lot of capital letters...

    I had a request that I do an entry on the differences between RAM, ROM, NAND, and NOR. Because this is much easier and less controversial than the next entry I was planning, I'll take the path of least resistance and do it first. (-: Why do I care...
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    Microsoft developers are fallible

    Snicker, snicker. No really, we are. <innocent look> I discovered a bug in the Animate3 which I did for Power to the Developers part 2 . I was closing the message queue with CloseHandle when I was supposed to use CloseMsgQueue. Bad Mike. Of course...
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    Power to the Developers part 2

    In Power to the People we learned that it's very bad for your app to use the CPU unnecessarily. In Power to the Developers part 1 we learned a few easy ways to make your code stop burning CPU cycles. Now we're going to learn a more complicated mechanism...
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    Power to the System

    In Power to the People we learned some of the differences between how PocketPCs and Smartphones handle power. In Power to the Developers part 1 we learned about some of the things a developer can do to manage his app's use of power. In preparing a part...
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    WindowsMobile In The Hand

    Speaking of new API's in Windows Mobile 5.0, the most common piece of feeback I got during the MEDC tour is that people are disappointed that these are specific to Windows Mobile 5.0 (actually, the most common feedback was "we want more live demos" but...
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    Hacking the Emulator

    Clearly, somebody isn't giving Marcus enough real work to do so he's decided to figure out how the new Device Emulator's configuration files work and post his notes . He makes a good point that by modifying these files, you can simultaneously run two...
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    Power to the Developers part 1

    In my recent Power to the People entry I talked about how bad it is for an application to burn CPU cycles when it's not actively being used. If you're writing an application that does a very simple animation that uses the CPU just 1% of the time, and...
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    Power to the People

    In 2002 when we released our first Smartphone OS, there were quite a few fundamental differences between the Smartphone and the PocketPC. Since then, we've been working to unify the platforms. In WM5, we did a bunch of plumbing work to this end, and brought...
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