Jim just announced that the HTC Universal is being sold at the event at a mind boggling price of $149.  And for an extra $10, attendees can get a bluetooth headset to go wth it.  Attendees can log in to commnet and reserve theirs now kudos to James for convincing the execs to fund this promotion.  Can't wait to see what all the cutting edge ISVs at PDC come up with after getting their hands on this device.


UPDATE: Apparently these bad boys sold out faster than anyone had expected.  Turns out that you're just as anxious to get Windows Mobile 5 as we are to see the cool apps you write using all of its new developer features.  Not sure if we're allowed to publish the exact number of devices that were sold at this price, but it's several time larger than the "250" number I saw being tossed around on a bunch of blogs. 

For those folks who posted comments below, let me clarify that this offer was exclusively for attendees at yesterday's PDC - nothing is being sold through this blog :) 

UPDATE 2:  No, seriously... posting a comment below with your email address is NOT the way to order a device.  I'm turning off comments on this post because people still keep trying to place "orders" here.