Saw the keynote this morning?  I did!  Like the demo that included hosting the Windows Media Player ActiveX control inside of a .NET Compact Framework app?  I did!  Wonder how they did that considering that CFv2 doesn't include some of the classes you'd use to that on the desktop (such as AxHost)?  I did!  Think they were faking it?  I asked around...

Here's the secret:  the demo leveraged the implementation of those classes that Alex Fienman built for OpenNETCF.  Alex's webcast on this topic can be seen here and the associated code can be downloaded here.

Our developer community rocks!  What I love most about my job is getting to interact with cool folks like Alex who really make the Windows Mobile platform shine.


ps: it turns out that contrary to what I told everyoe who asked over the past few weeks, I'm not at PDC.  was going to do a demo in the wednesday keynote but decided to give that spot back to mike hall and stay in redmond with my dev/test teams who are hitting some critical deadlines this month on a brand new app & API set for windows mobile.  can't say what it is  yet (we aren't even talking about it at pdc) but you can definitely count on it making a huge splash in the mobile software industry next year.