November, 2005

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    Who's Using My RAM?

    (Note: If words like "RAM" and "ROM" and "XIP" look strange to you, there is an entry here that explains their meanings.) In my recent " Where's My RAM " entry, I explained why you tend to see a difference between what the WM5 device reports as "Total...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Diagnosing Installation Failures

    When a CAB file fails to install, we pop up an ambiguous error message. We could put more detailed info there (and there is a bug sitting in our database saying we should investigate doing so) but the reality is that when a CAB fail, there's really nothing...
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    Start & Stop ActiveSync

    Windows Mobile 5 is so jam packed with cool new APIs that some of the smaller (but still very useful!) ones fall through the PR cracks. Here are two that I just got remineded of by a post in the smartphone.developer newsgroup: ActiveSyncStart &...
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    Where's my RAM?

    So you just bought a brand new WM5 device. The box says it's got 64M of RAM. You go digging through control panels on the device and find one that says it's only got 50M. Is something wrong? Should you be worried about this? The short answers are "No...
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    Application Execution Security 101

    This post will be a quick reference to the application security model in WM 2005. I'll gloss over some fine details in order to cover the broad points. For CreateProcess() or running any executable First, examine the signature on the binary...
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    Community Chat Alert: UI Programming for Windows Mobile Devices

    Topic: UI Programming for Windows Mobile Devices Abstract: This chat will cover various topics related to UI programming on the Windows Mobile platform, keeping in mind the small screen sizes and the restricted input mechanisms that are available on...
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    Getting your unprivileged drivers and services to work

    Currently, you need a privileged cerificate to get your driver or service to load at boot-time, even on Pocket PC 2005 or on a one-tier Smartphone. The reason for this inconsistency is that at early boot time, the device hasn't yet finished processing...
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    Adding Root Certificates for Exchange Activesync

    How can I add root certs to my Windows Mobile 5.0 device? In WM 5.0, the certchk tool no longer works for disabling SSL certificate verification on the Exchange ActiveSync connection. What are the options for secure connections to the server? ...
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