May, 2006

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    .NET CF 1.0 development on Vista

    Now that Windows Vista Beta 2 is out, some of you may already be using it or considering giving it a try. The good news for Windows Mobile developers is that Visual Studio, all the emulators and SDK tools work just fine on Vista. I've had no problems...
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    WiMo 101

    I have created a website ( ) that can be used as a reference for information about WiMo. I'll be posting hardware plans and source code there along with any other information about WiMo (like my next version of WiMo). As I add new information...
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    Programmatically checking the Authenticode signature on a file

    While I was at MEDC 2006, someone asked me if there was a way to find out programatically what certificate a file is signed with. The answer is yes, and it is really easy using the cryptography libraries on the .Net Framework. (This is desktop code)....
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    New eHowTo video tutorials available

    The MED User Assistance team has released 3 new video tutorials (a.k.a eHowTo's). These are available on MSDN here: Here are the new ones you'll find: Designing an Application...
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    Hi! My name is WiMo. I'm ready to play!

    I'd like to introduce everyone to WiMo. WiMo, this is everyone... Everyone, this is WiMo. What exactly is WiMo? and why did I build him? Both are great questions. WiMo is the the Windows Mobile Robot. The name comes from the "Wi" from "Windows" and...
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    Countdown to MEDC

    MEDC is almost here! This year I'm giving a talk on the Windows Mobile security model, which has traditionally been a source of much confusion both inside and outside Microsoft. So if you've ever wondered why you can't run -- or debug -- your app on a...
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    Is anyone using file system password APIs?

    Question for WM developers: Are any of you using the File System Password APIs? If so, can you briefly describe how you're using them, what type of application it is, how long you've used these functions etc? I'd like to discuss some compatibility...
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    What are the Certificate Stores?

    What are the different Certificate stores on Windows Mobile? ROOT This store contains root certificates. They are primarily used for SSL chain validation. This store can be inspected via the Certificates Control Panel page.This store has NOTHING to do...
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