The Visual Studio for Devices blog has some early information about Windows Mobile developer features in "Orcas" (code name for VS 2007). Current information is for managed development only. Native development information will be posted soon.

  • Add support for the next version of .NET Compact Framework (v3.0 or v2.x)
  • Continue to support .NET CF 2.0
  • Remove the templates for .NET CF 1.0
    • Your existing .NET CF 1.0 projects will be migrated to 2.0 if you wish to use them in Orcas.
    • You can continue to use VS 2005 side by side on the same machine to work with .NET CF 1.0 applications.
  • You will not see any project templates for Smartphone 2003 as it only supports .NET CF 1.0
  • The Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone SDKs will be included in the box
  • Future SDKs from the Windows Mobile team will install seamlessly on Orcas much like you install the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK today
  • Managed templates for the next version of Windows CE will be added (just like CE 5.0 is supported today)

You can track progress on these features on the VSD blog. Amit Chopra from the VSD team would love to hear your feedback on what mobile developers want to see in Orcas.