August, 2006

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    Your 100 Feature Dollars

    A few weeks ago I asked how you'd spend 100 feature dollars on Windows Mobile. When we do this exercise, we typically brainstorm a list of features that we'd like to do or that have been requested in the past. We cost the features ourselves, and then...
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    Let’s Talk About One Hand Navigation

    I’ve really enjoyed all the insightful responses to Scott’s “what features would you spend your $100 on?” entry. Thank you for your passion around our product. One feature request that kept coming up was “better one hand navigation.” I’d like to have...
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    Power to the PocketPC

    In my recent “ Power to the Smartphone ” entry, I talked about the biggest drains on Smartphone batteries. In this one, we’ll talk about how this differs in PocketPCs. Almost everything I said about Smartphones in the previous entry is also true on PocketPCs...
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    How the Windows Mobile 5.0 Shell Handles Low Memory Situations

    I thought it's about time somebody gave a decent explanation as to how the shell handles low memory situations. This is mostly an FYI post but hopefully if you're writing an app for Windows Mobile you'll also stop and consider how well your app will behave when confronted by a device running low on resources....
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    Introducing the SslChainSaver

    Say hello to the SslChainSaver tool. This is a tool that I wrote internally to troubleshoot SSL connections and I'm finally able to offer it publically. Use this tool when you want to to add new root or intermediate certificates to a device for an SSL...
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    What would you do with $100?

    We go through this exercise during the planning stages with customers sometimes. I like it because "to ship is to choose" - it's easy to describe things you want, but we have to ship the product eventually and some things don't make it. Deciding what...
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    Power to the Smartphone

    There's been a fair amount of interest in an offhand comment I made recently about saving a lot of standby time by making an LED blink less frequently. So let's spend some time talking about what burns power on your Smartphone. Hopefully this will give...
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    WM Geek Fun (PM+SDE/T match wits with a smart SDE)

    So you've all seen blog posts from our brilliant Software Design Engineer Luis Cabrera . He's one of the smartest people in the team. In fact, Luis is so smart that he uses complex mathematical patterns for his device PIN, while the rest of us prefer...
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    CAB trivia

    During an internal discussion about .CAB files, someone mentioned that a Windows Mobile CAB can contain upto 998 files. I was curious to know what's special about the number 998. After some follow up, I found the answer: If you've ever looked at a CAB...
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