October, 2006

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    What is the metabase?

    Why do you care? This might be interesting to you if - you've ever wondered why people change security policy 4119 - you've ever developed a CeRapiInvoke DLL - you've ever wondered why DMProcessConfigXML behaves differently for an untrusted...
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    Writing Better Managed Code

    Did you know there is a managed code analysis tool in VS 2005? Well, now you do. The managed code analysis tool can warn you when your code does not follow a set of good practices. For those of you that are familiar with FxCop, the managed code analysis...
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    The Mobile Secretary: Source Code

    Last week I posted an application called The Mobile Secretary . A little application that auto-responds to missed calls as well as a few other options. Thank you for all of the feedback! I'll be looking to add some of the requested features in the next...
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    The Mobile Secretary

    I often invite my friends out to see a live band, a movie, or some other function where I won't be able to hear my phone ring or be able to answer it. Usually, there is always one or two people who don't exactly make it on time (sometimes that is me,...
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    Keyboard Map for the Device Emulator

    Here are some desktop keyboard shortcuts you can use on the Device Emulator. Learning these keys should make debugging your Windows Mobile applications a lot faster! If you're not a developer but simply interested in playing around with Windows Mobile...
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    Windows Mobile SDK Documentation Update

    The Windows Mobile SDK Documentation has been updated today, with a release dated September 2006. Please use this update as your primary source of information on the Windows Mobile SDK. This release replaces all others, especially the out-dated documentation...
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    Finding WiMo

    It's been awhile since I've posted about WiMo. I can probably blame the summer most for that since the Seattle summers are so nice! There's just no excuse to be inside during the nice days of summer. Now that it is getting dark earlier and the weather...
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    The Emperor Has No Close

    I’ve done blog entries on compaction threads, memory consumption, difficulties in doing upgrades, voice command not working over bluetooth, and 240x240 screens. Now I’m going to do one on why the little “X” button on PocketPCs doesn’t close apps. Am I...
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