March, 2007

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    Windows Mobile 6 Storage Card Encryption FAQ

    My colleague Jason Langridge wrote a post about the storage card encryption feature in WM6. This is one of the features I worked on, so I'd like to host some FAQs about it here. What scenario is the feature designed to mitigate? It's fairly easy...
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    Getting Started with MAPI

    Getting Started with MAPI (update 3/22/2007 1:59pm: see comments for .NetCF equivalent) I’m Jay Ongg, and I’m a developer for Mobile Devices at Microsoft. I’ve been in this division for a little over four years, and as part of my job, I work...
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    A 6 By Any Other Name…

    Marketers and developers. Are we really even the same species? The degree to which I don’t understand my coworkers over in marketing can be aptly summed up in 4 words: “Windows Mobile 6 Professional.” The product’s great, but the name? I would probably...
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    Sync Up at MEDC 2007

    The Windows Mobile Sync & Desktop Platform team is planning a "mini track" at this year's MEDC to focus on data synchronization and desktop connectivity. This session will be a great opportunity for you to discuss/debug your current use of sync technologies...
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    Microsoft Team Spirit

    As Microsoft employees, we take great pride in our software products and commitment to customers. Microsoft decided a long time ago that we would take a holistic approach and make sure that all our products talk to each other. The integration you see...
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    Congratulations! It's a. . . WiMo!

    WiMo (The Windows Mobile Robot) has a couple of cousins! Some students and faculty over at the Auto ID lab at MIT have built a few WiMos to experiment in their RFID research. For more information on their project, you can check out their project web page...
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    320x320 Revisited

    A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog entry that explained why we chose to support 240x240 screens on PocketPC instead of 320x320 ones. The result was a lively discussion on the subject. In one of the comments I said, “If we add 320x320 support in...
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    Windows Mobile 6 SDKs Available For Download

    I'm pleased to say that the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs went live today as planned. You can download the SDK for touchscreen (Windows Mobile Professional) and non-touchscreen (Windows Mobile Standard) here . Using the Windows Mobile 6 SDK you can test your...
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