May, 2007

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    All About "Application Locked"

    I have been working on this post slowly for several days, but Reed and Steve are seriously kicking my butt on posting solid developer-focused technical security content. Read their blog - they covered a lot of this material sooner and better than I did...
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    Ask the Hacker Curmudgeon: How can I minimize the chance of getting a useful answer to my question?

    Protect your question with an impenetrable cloak of vagueness. 1) Choose a subject line that conveys no information. This means that the subject matter expert needs to choose between spending more time on your message to figure out what it's about...
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    What do you mean by "locked"?

    There are a few different things that people might mean when they say their phone is "locked". I wanted to provide this post to help define the different types of lock. SIM Locked This typically means that the phone will only work...
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    Free Collection of Windows Mobile Security White Papers

    Our Device Management and Security (DMSec) team recently produced a series of security booklets. These were very well recieved at the MEDC 2007 event last week. So I'd like to point out that these are also available online. Among the topics you will find...
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    MS Pranks

    Michael Howe, the all powerful Test Lead in Windows Mobile just got back from paternity leave to find a few small gifts in his office... Now you know where all those recycled monitors go... :) Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Introducing....the oFone!

    Here's the spoof video that was shown at MIX '07 and MEDC last week. Behind the humor, there's a serious message - adapt your app ! Windows Mobile devices are coming in all shapes and sizes. If you're hard-coding things like screen sizes and coordinates...
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    Dogfood Doesn't Always Taste Good

    A while back someone asked which phones the Windows Mobile team uses. While I will end up answering that question, in typical form, I’m going to be really verbose about it. In Windows Mobile, we’re very strong proponents of what we call, “Eating our...
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    Softkeys and you!

    Hi, my name is Patrick Derks and I work as a developer in the Windows Mobile Shell. I’ve owned the softkey code in Windows Mobile for a few months now and I keep getting questions about how to do basic stuff with the softkeys. For example, I had a developer...
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