January, 2009

  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Microsoft Tag

    At the suggestion of a coworker, I finally took the time this morning to really check out the Microsoft Tag mobile application. Prior to today, I knew it had something to do with barcodes and colored triangles, but really couldn’t have told you much else...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Developing Location Aware Applications for Windows Mobile

    Though I’ve posted on the Windows Mobile team blog before, it occurs to me that I’ve never taken the time to introduce myself. My name is Joshua Partlow and, like Jim Causey, I’m a member of the Windows Mobile documentation team. I have a background in...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    New Version of Live Search Mobile

    [Edit: I've corrected the name of the Live Search Mobile application; sorry for any confusion, and thanks to Jeremy Beasley of the Live Search Mobile team! -- Jim] I’m a big advocate of the Software + Services approach to accessing information; when...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Survey of Web Browsers for Windows Mobile

    My name is Jim Causey, and I work on Core OS developer documentation for Windows Mobile. I’ve been working as a Windows developer in both higher education and private industry for 15 years, and have worked as a writer and editor for SAMS, Microsoft Press...
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