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  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels #3 – Memory Mysteries

    Previous post: Twisted Pixels #2: Doing Graphics! What’s going on? To recap – I have a program that works in the emulator, but does not run on real hardware. The question is why. After reading the following memory model posts: Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster (
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels #2 – Doing Graphics!

    Previous post: Twisted Pixels - A Mobile Game Development Diary (Day 1) Doing Graphics! What is the best way to do 2 dimensional graphics on Windows Mobile? To some degree, it depends on your development strategy. Silverlight and Flash is getting a lot of good press for browser based applications...
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels - A Mobile Game Development Diary

    My name is Norm Sohl, and I work for the Windows Mobile Developer Experience Content Team.  I used to work for a game development company back in the day when a desktop PC had about as much power as the mobile phone that sits in my pocket right now. Many of the issues we contended with in those...
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