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  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels #3 – Memory Mysteries

    Previous post: Twisted Pixels #2: Doing Graphics! What’s going on? To recap – I have a program that works in the emulator, but does not run on real hardware. The question is why. After reading the following memory model posts: Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster (
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels #2 – Doing Graphics!

    Previous post: Twisted Pixels - A Mobile Game Development Diary (Day 1) Doing Graphics! What is the best way to do 2 dimensional graphics on Windows Mobile? To some degree, it depends on your development strategy. Silverlight and Flash is getting a lot of good press for browser based applications...
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixels - A Mobile Game Development Diary

    My name is Norm Sohl, and I work for the Windows Mobile Developer Experience Content Team.  I used to work for a game development company back in the day when a desktop PC had about as much power as the mobile phone that sits in my pocket right now. Many of the issues we contended with in those...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer Mobile 6

    Today at Tech•Ed EMEA we announced the availability of emulators and documentation for Internet Explorer Mobile 6, which is the next generation browser for Windows Mobile. Available on new Windows Mobile devices soon, this browser will provide a high-quality browsing experience on your device that more...
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