Hi my name is Elisabeth Mathews, I am a Student Sport Therapist and the Windows Go-To Ambassador at the University of East London. I never really thought how versatile my Nokia Lumia 925 phone could be until I really set it onto its path and using it for analysing athlete’s skill execution. So here’s a short story into a day in the life of my Nokia Smart Cam. Nokia Smart Cam In replacing a video camera, which I regularly use, I opted to use my personal Nokia Lumia 925 to try out my new lenses and see what I could put to a challenge. As a coach, and a student sports therapist I have an eye for picking out errors and highlighting biomechanical issues, which is why video and photo analysis is great for providing feedback. I decided to try out the Nokia Smart Cam. Do not let this small piece of technology fool you! I have been surprised at how well it shows me whole movements, and how reactive it is when using as a tool for analysis. It clearly shows me step for step how my athletes are performing a skill, whether that is a sprint start, or a free throw in basketball. 575394_10151747623727027_1291375953_n I can use this app as a tool for effective feedback to my athletes by offering visual reasoning and a clear breakdown what is happening at each phase the skill is being performed, this allows me as a coach to have greater accuracy and the athlete to really visualise and see what’s going wrong and where we can improve it, or what they are simply doing well. I continue to use this app on a day to day basis as I find it a simple yet effective way to evaluate the sporting skills used upon athletes. I personally believe it will become a firm favourite when used in a similar way for others from this industry also. Keep up to date with Lizzy @ http://www.iam-lizzy.tumblr.com/