At 1.44 GB, the Windows SDK is pushing the limits of being downloadable.  Many of you may be wondering why the heck it's so big. 

Total size: 1478 MB (1.44 GB)

Documentation:  755 MB
   Win32 docs: 186 MB
   WinFX docs: 509 MB

Samples: 173 MB
   Win32 samples: 73 MB
   WinFX samples: 100 MB

Developer Tools:  675 MB
   Windows Vista Headers and Libs: 199 MB
      C++ Headers: 73 MB
      x86 Libs: 24 MB
      x64 Libs: 17 MB
      IA64 Libs: 19 MB
   C++ Compilers: 257 MB
      x86 compiler: 86 MB
      x64 compiler:  86 MB
      IA64 compiler: 85 MB
   FxCop: 7 MB
   Windows PowerShell: 10 MB
   Debugging Tools for Windows: 13 MB (x86); 11 MB (x64); 17 MB (IA64)
   Desktop Tools: 126 MB
   Mobile Tools: 59 MB

If you use the Custom Install options from the Web Setup, you can download and install only what you need.  We are still fine tuning this, so if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please let us know.  There is still plenty of time for us to change things.

Hopefully, the next release of the SDK will have the option to install to the location of your choice.

We're also investigating different ways to break up the downloads to give you more control if you have limited bandwidth.