Well, we made it; the September CTP of the Windows SDK for Vista is available for download!  This release of the Windows SDK is designed to operate with a matching Windows Vista (build# 5728) and .NET Framework 3.0 September CTP.  A more detailed description of which versions of Windows and .NET 3.0 to use with this SDK can be found at Tom Archer's blog under  Windows Vista, .NET 3.0 and Windows SDK Compatibility Matrix.  As always, we strongly recommend reading the ReleaseNotes for a description of known issues.

A couple items of note that we would like to bring to your attention.

  1. The September CTP is only available as a DVD ISO image.  This means that you will need to download the entire ISO and then either burn it to a DVD or mount it virtually to run the embedded Setup.exe.  Detailed steps on how to work with the DVD ISO image can be found here.  A recent quality check of our Express Web Download uncovered a problem with it and we decided not to delay releasing the ISO of the SDK while we address the issue in Express Web Download.  Mike Mueller, our Development Manager will be posting shortly to explain what happened in more detail and how we intend to address the issue for the upcoming RTM of the Windows SDK for Vista.
  2. Our Setup will inform you if you already have installed a different version of a program that the SDK would install (FxCop for example) and whether or not you need to first uninstall that program for the SDK installation to proceed.  We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature.

Barry Butterklee