It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Windows SDK for Windows Vista has been released to web.

Update: A more recent Windows SDK is now available. Find out more here.  You can always find the most recent SDK on the MSDN Windows SDK Developer Center.

The Web Install:

ISO Download:

A lot of people from all over the greater Windows organization have spent years (literally!) creating great content for the Windows SDK Team to bring together for our developer customers. I would like to thank everyone who delivered such outstanding new content for this SDK.

Below are just a few interesting statistics about this SDK.

  1. The Windows SDK for Windows Vista includes support for .NET Framework 3.0 and can be used to write applications that target Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as well as Windows Vista.

  2. Stats for the Documentation:

    a. SDK docs have over 100 million words

    b. Approximately 304K topics: 106K native + 198K managed

    c. Approximately 149K “New in Vista” topics

  3. Stats for the Samples:

    a. 745 Non-.NET 3.0 Samples

    i. 200 New to Vista

    ii. Covers 164 (48%) of Vista features with new Win32 APIs

    iii. Mostly native Win32/COM in C++

    b. 801 .NET Samples

    .NET 3.0 Samples # of Unique C# Coverage VB Coverage
    WCF 146 100% 72%
    WF 60 100% 95%
    WPF 434 98% 58%
    Cross Technology 23 96% 9%
    .NET Framework 2.0 138 95% 80%
    Totals 801 98% 66%
  4. Stats for the Tools:

    a. Native Development: 1,700 Headers + 281 Libs + 110 Tools

    b. .NET (Managed) Development

    i.14 Reference Assemblies supporting .NET, Tablet PC, Windows PowerShell, MMC, etc.

    ii.33 Intellisense Files

    iii. 70 .NET 2.0 Tools + 10 .NET 3.0 Tools

    c. Visual Studio 2005 Integration

    i. Utilities to enable Visual Studio 2005 to easily use Windows SDK headers and libs

    ii. Visual Studio 2005 Wizards for creating WMP applications

  5. Fully componentized Setup

    a. Appropriately granular custom setup options

    i. 36 separate MSIs, from a variety of teams including the SDK team

    ii. Recognizes external MSIs that are already installed

    b. The web install downloads only what you select

    i. Estimated download time per selected component

    ii. Cumulative and per component disk space costing

The entire Windows SDK Team worked incredibly hard behind the scenes improving the infrastructure that’s needed to manage all this content and build the final setup package.

Lori Pearce
Product Unit Manager, Windows SDK