Looking for some fresh new Vista samples?  I’m Karin Meier, the new Samples PM on the Windows SDK Team and we have samples for you.  The Windows Vista SDK is live with lots of great ‘new to Vista’ content. 

Building on the Platform SDK and .NET Framework SDK v2.0, the Windows SDK is packed with samples targeting bothWin32/Com APIs and .NET Framework 3.0 APIs. Teams throughout Windows and our own developers on the SDK team have contributed samples, including:

·         430 Windows Presentation Foundation samples

·         140 Windows Communication Foundation samples

·         60 Windows Workflow Foundation samples

·         200 New to Vista (Win32/COM-based) samples

·         23 Cross technology samples

Everything you need to know about finding and building samples, and any known issues with samples, is detailed in the Release Notes, so check it out first.  We’ll update the online Release Notes regularly and appreciate any feedback you give us!

Wondering how to find the right sample?  The easiest way to find a particular sample is to navigate in the SDK documentation to Getting Started -> Welcome to the Windows SDK -> Samples and Tutorials for the Windows SDK. This page allows you to navigate to either the new .NET samples or to a listing of the Windows Vista samples (Win32/COM-based). The Windows Vista samples are located in the SDK's \Samples subdirectory of your hard drive.  Each .NET sample has a page in the documentation where the source code is available to view or download, or they are available in bulk in several .zip files located in the \Samples subdirectory.

Have ideas for improving the sample content or presentation in the Windows SDKs?  I’d love to hear them!  We’re working full-speed ahead now on future releases of the SDK.