Instead of asking you what you want to see in the SDK, I'd like to ask folks what they DON'T want in the SDK?  What do you wish we would stop including?  What do you wish we would stop doing?

We've been looking at the data from those customers who opted to tell us what they installed.  It looks like ~80% of you install the entire 1.2+ gigabytes of content.  To be fair, that's ~80% of the less than 1% of all successfull installs of the the SDK who opted to send of data.  But, heh, it's all the data we've got.

Why do you typically install everything?  Do you use everything?  Do you install everything just to make sure you have everything in case you might need it?  Is bandwidth so fast and hard drive space so cheap no one cares how big the SDK is?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Lori Pearce

Windows SDK Team