This is part of a series on troubleshooting buiding Windows Vista SDK samples on X64 machines.  Read the first and second post on this topic and I'll stay tuned for more in this series.  Found workarounds to other issues? Share them here or email me. It would be interesting to hear how many developers are using 64 bit machines with 64-bit operating systems.

3. Error:  vcbuild.exe : warning VCBLD6001: Project 'c:\samples2003X64DEBUG\Sample\Foo.vcproj' does not support platform 'x64', or the platform support DLL for this platform is not installed.

Problem:  Not all Windows SDK samples with Visual C++ 2005 project files have configurations to build for X64. We’re working towards complete 64-bit parity for all samples and this will get better with each SDK release.  We're making a big push in the the Windows SDK for Microsoft Windows Server code name “Longhorn” and .Net Framework 3.5.

Workaround:  Load the sample in Visual Studio C++ 2005 (Express or non-Express version) and update Configuration Manager under Project | Properties 

Karin Meier

Windows SDK Samples Program Manager